Moore on Manufacturing with James Moore & Company

S2E1 - Moore on Manufacturing: The State of Manufacturing 2021

January 5, 2021

In this episode, we’ll be chatting with Jayne Fifer from the Volusia Manufacturers Association about the state of manufacturing. We’ll cover the outlook for 2021, key issues facing your industry, and resources available to help you overcome these hurdles. We’ll also discuss how the Volusia Manufacturers Association is helping our manufacturers.

00:10 - Welcome
00:43 - Based on what you’re hearing from manufacturers, what is the outlook as we approach 2021?
04:02 - What are the biggest hurdles manufacturers are facing?
06:45 - What resources are available to manufacturers?
11:00 - How is the VMA helping manufacturers?
13:56 - Working with education programs
17:12 - The Florida Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education (FL FAME)
19:38 – Wrap up

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