Moore on Manufacturing with James Moore & Company

S2E11: Moore On Manufacturing: Tax Law Updates and Planning for Year End

November 2, 2021

On this episode of Moore on Manufacturing we’re joined by John VanDuzer, partner with James Moore and leader of our tax service lines. Together we discuss tax planning opportunities and reminders for year end. John will also give us an update on where things stand with potential tax law changes.

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00:10 – Welcome & Introductions

1:20 – Approaching Year End and Taxes

2:06 – Special Tax Benefits or Credits

2:30 – Employee Retention Credit

3:00 – Qualified Business Income

4:27 – R&D Example

5:30 – Things to Think About

8:46 – Industrial Bonus Depreciations

10:01 – Year 0End Taxable Inventory

12:23 – Get Rid of Equipment Not Being Used

13:18 – Cash Basis Provisions

16:20 – The Latest Perspective on The Biden Tax Plan

25:25 – Wrap-Up

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