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S2E6 - Moore on Manufacturing: From Hurricanes to Hackers - Protect Your Network Now!

June 1, 2021

The news is filled with scary stories of hacking, ransomware, and other data loss. Now hurricane season is upon us and for many businesses’ employees continue to work remotely. On this episode of Moore on Manufacturing we are joined by Curtis McCallister who will share ways to protect your data from loss in the event of a hurricane or other disaster. We will also discuss how to protect your systems from ransomware and other viruses. Finally, we will look at ways for your remote employees to connect securely to your network.

00:10 - Welcome & introductions
01:22 - How to protect data and information systems in the event of a Hurricane, fire or other forms data loss
03:09 - Testing your backup system
06:09 - Protecting your equipment
07:23 - Protecting your system against hacking and ransomware
10:15 - Protecting your manufacturing equipment from network intrusion
11:26 - Training Employees to recognized cyber risks
14:08 - What to do if an employee has been compromised with a cyber-attack
16:10 - Managing a mobile workforce
18:46 - How to make sure our email and website is always available
20:59 - Top two things to think about
22:02 - Wrap-up

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